Wedding photographer in the French Alps, Provence, Riviera, Switzerland.

French photographer specializing in wedding stories my priority is to accompany you, before, during and after your wedding day in order to let place to the authentic and tell a story, YOUR story !

First of all I prefer a discreet approach to capture all the magical of the moment : looks, tears, smiles …… and thus emphasis emotion to better transcribe it.

In the same spirit, I attach a great importance to the exchange and the dialogue well before the day of your wedding, this allowing us, during the months, to build a trustful relationship : “a wedding photographer doesn’t steal anything, he witnesses your union and captures and transcribes only what you want to give him. “

Also, I would be delighted to recommend other trusted vendors and advise you on the timeline of your day if you don’t have a wedding planner.

Finding a wedding photographer is not an easy task; You will be able to discover a part of my work on this Website but nothing is worth a meeting to talk about your project, your expectations and what I can bring you. Because beyond a quality work and a price it’s necessary to take into account the relational aspect, don’t forget that your photographer will follow you everywhere!

An appointment doesn’t commit anything but can bring a lot and it will also be the opportunity to discover the different products I offer.

Aline Perez | madame A photographie | wedding photographer based in the French Alps, travelling to French Riviera, Provence, Switzerland and Parifs | + | info@madameaphotographie.fr