Weddings Package Starting at 2300€

Since 2016 I have made the choice to work only on full day coverage

In order to make you live a unique experience

and to leave you wonderful memories. This package includes a first appointment to discover each other, all the preparation before the wedding, my presence on your wedding from the getting ready to midnight, all the high-resolution pictures deliveredon a gallery. And according to the package of your choice a luxury fine-art album fully customizable.

Are you ready to live a unique experience ?
Do you attach a great importance TO YOUR MEMORIES ? Does photography have a substantial place in your life? For my part I always had a great sensitivity to photography, to images. I see myself, as a child, flipping through the albums of my parents or grandparents and thus live or relive those happy moments captured forever. Photography took an even more important place at the birth of my children and I realize how these memories are precious for them today.
Are you sensitive TO EMOTION ? A tear that flows, the eyes shining... So many emotion will be experienced during this day. I grant a great importance to the human aspect of my job, so it is essential for me to discuss with you a long time before your wedding in order to weave links, share your happiness, live this day with you and capture all the emotion that compose it.
Your memories ON PAPER... Because your photos take all their meaning on paper, I want to offer you more than digital files so that you can discover the sensations caused by the smell or the texture of paper. A beautiful object that you will transmit. You will have the choice between differents tailor made albums, covered by hand in a handcrafted workshop.


As a wedding photographer in the South of France I’m based between Provence and the French Alps, I usually travel all around the country, Switzerland and abroad if necessary. Don’t forget to visit my blog wedding’s category in order to discover more wedding stories.

If you share my values, I suggest you should write me so that we could discuss about your project and the human adventure that I offer.

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