Sarah & Fabrice, retro wedding french alps

While their DVD folio has just  leaved my studio, I publish today the wedding pictures of Sarah and Fabrice, my little too cuties newly-weds. You have already seen them here for their engagement session. It was a pretty vintage wedding under the theme of Alice in Wonderland for which Sarah had thought carefully each detail of the deco ; she had mottled different objects (dishes, old clocks …) to assemble it thoughtfully.

The humility and sense of hospitality of this soooooo loving couple touched me in the heart and it was a pleasure to exchange with them for many months.

This is alone, just accompanied by Olivia her bridesmaid, that Sarah had made up and got prepared at home. Conducted by an English taxi she went to Meylan’s town hall where was celebrated the civil ceremony. Sarah and Fabrice then choosed to take a break for their couple pictures before joining their families and friends at the venue “Clos des Capucins” for the reception.

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