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How happen a wedding day?

It is important for me to build a special relationship with my brides and grooms,  so I make quite a relational work ahead of the D-Day, it is also for this reason that engagement session is provided in each wedding package.

Then, on your lovely day I will work as a reporter to capture your emotions and those of your families and friends; I spend very little time to posed photos, the essential being that brides and grooms manage to forget me.

After the D-day, a whole post-processing work will follow : a first selection in order to keep only the best of your report and then each shot will be reworked individually in lightroom or photoshop; no major touching up, just colorimetric settings, contrast and brightness adjustments.

Then these pictures will be delivered in a private gallery and on the medium of your choice (USB drive, DVD, Album…)

How long do we have to wait to see our pictures ?

I announce a period of four weeks, but sometimes I publish some insights before this time.

How many photos will be delivered, are they copyright free?

If you select DVD or USB card I deliver an average number of 500 pictures for a complete wedding story. These images are not protected, so you are free to share and make your own prints (personal use only).

Of course I remain at your disposal to provide quality albums !

How many black and white pictures do you deliver ?

I don’t give an average number since I work on instinct, some pictures are sublimated in black & white and others not, the number may vary from a story to another.

How far are you moving ?

I follow the brides and grooms everywhere they need me, I am based in Grenoble (French alps) but I travel throughout France and even abroad. In the panel of already visited cities, we can find Grenoble and its suburbs (French Alps, Vercors, Dauphiné…), Rhône (Lyon, Beaujolais…), Bourgogne (Burgundy, Mâcon, Montceau-les-mines), Drôme and Provence (Montelimar, Grignan, Nîmes…), Paris and French Riviera.

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